Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cat Woman at The Drawing Club

So my pal and coworker Melissa had suggested I join tonight's life drawing class, figuring it would be up my alley.  She is right of course, and I had a fun time just sorta not trying to be so perfect with my sketches and really try to play.  The Drawing Club is in Glendale, and I think because of the subject matter, it was a packed house.  A lot of great work was being created.  The guy who ran the place had the Tim Burton Batman 2 muted  on a big screen with the sound theme music on a constant loop.  A tad overwhelming, (and I even got distracted a few times) but I managed to calm down and relax.  I stood the whole time, and although it may have seemed inconvenient, that's probably just what I needed to try and not focus on details and be bolder.  I would say that $20 for 3 hours wasn't a bad rate. 

The model did a really good job.  She was dressed in a cat woman suit and knew how to get into the part.  Rather than the academic poses you may get from a typical life drawing class, the sexual undertone of a woman in a catsuit really brought out some fun/sexy poses from the model.  She knew what she was doing, and she knew what we wanted.  So I thank the nameless model for doing such a great job.

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