Monday, August 30, 2010

Robotech on /b/

Did a doodle from memory of a VT from Macross (Robotech) then posted it on the 4chan /b/ to see what would happen.  It's not a long thread, /b/ moves very fast and it 404'd with in moments.  But I managed to get a handful of comments.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Signature as a Censor Bar?

So I've recently made friend with a talented artists on Deviant Art:  enigmawing.  I had done and erotic rough of one of her characters.  Being the talented colorists she is, she wanted to finish the work.  Who what I to object.  You can see the final image here.  (You'll have to be a member over 18years old to see it.)  I don't know how she figured this out, but my signature just happen to cover her private areas!  You can see the result below.

Sketches in Photoshop

Some of my best doodles are created at the end of the day.
I always have girls and robots on the brain....

Friday, August 20, 2010

Everybody Duckface Tonight!

When I saw the original gif of this woman doing the duckface, I instantly thought it required the Everybody Have Fun Tonight tune by Wang Chung in the background.  I extended the gif to about 60 seconds and looped the intro music.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doodle Pages...Erotica Ahead!

I used a visual reference for this doodle.

Usually I do the sketch pages from my head; a train-of-thought if you will.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brush Pen

Out of my sketch book.  I sampled Rhode's brush pen, I liked the results.

Cat Woman at The Drawing Club

So my pal and coworker Melissa had suggested I join tonight's life drawing class, figuring it would be up my alley.  She is right of course, and I had a fun time just sorta not trying to be so perfect with my sketches and really try to play.  The Drawing Club is in Glendale, and I think because of the subject matter, it was a packed house.  A lot of great work was being created.  The guy who ran the place had the Tim Burton Batman 2 muted  on a big screen with the sound theme music on a constant loop.  A tad overwhelming, (and I even got distracted a few times) but I managed to calm down and relax.  I stood the whole time, and although it may have seemed inconvenient, that's probably just what I needed to try and not focus on details and be bolder.  I would say that $20 for 3 hours wasn't a bad rate. 

The model did a really good job.  She was dressed in a cat woman suit and knew how to get into the part.  Rather than the academic poses you may get from a typical life drawing class, the sexual undertone of a woman in a catsuit really brought out some fun/sexy poses from the model.  She knew what she was doing, and she knew what we wanted.  So I thank the nameless model for doing such a great job.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shark Week: Stealth Shark

My pal and coworker Megan Dong is a talented artist and digs sharks.  She's got the entire office doing shark images this week.  So I finally decided to contribute to the fray; but I did it with my own spin.