Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Transformers Satire For FrankTV

*forgive the laugh track and the applause. This was shown to a studio audience*.

Titmouse did some animated shorts that satire popular cartoons and video games from the 80's for Frank TV on TBS. They gave me the Transformers short to direct.

I did the Storyboards, Designs, Layouts and Animated some of the scenes. The scene I'm most proud of is the classic scene where Optimus drive up to the camera, and as he transforms the camera fallows him up. Actually, I did all of the transforming scenes! But that scene I'm most proud of.

I should also mention that I storyboarded, designed and did the layout in FlashCS; as well as the animation. It was comped together using Final Cut.

We managed to find some original SoundFX from Season 1 of Transformers, however, it seems the production at FrankTV took them out and replaced them for legal reasons perhaps.

Also, for legal reasons, I wasn't allow to design the Transformers exactly like the original characters. Again for legal reasons. Hence why Bumble Bee is green, etc.

Originally aired on Frank TV
Production Titmouse inc


Nino De Pan Blanco said...

great stuff

Mike Moloney said...

Thanks for showing me this the other day!! Really dead on!