Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Transformers Satire For FrankTV

*forgive the laugh track and the applause. This was shown to a studio audience*.

Titmouse did some animated shorts that satire popular cartoons and video games from the 80's for Frank TV on TBS. They gave me the Transformers short to direct.

I did the Storyboards, Designs, Layouts and Animated some of the scenes. The scene I'm most proud of is the classic scene where Optimus drive up to the camera, and as he transforms the camera fallows him up. Actually, I did all of the transforming scenes! But that scene I'm most proud of.

I should also mention that I storyboarded, designed and did the layout in FlashCS; as well as the animation. It was comped together using Final Cut.

We managed to find some original SoundFX from Season 1 of Transformers, however, it seems the production at FrankTV took them out and replaced them for legal reasons perhaps.

Also, for legal reasons, I wasn't allow to design the Transformers exactly like the original characters. Again for legal reasons. Hence why Bumble Bee is green, etc.

Originally aired on Frank TV
Production Titmouse inc

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Women in Boxes Complete!

I finished last night and I fedex'd the drawing off today. It should get to NYC by Monday.
Here's the flier to the show

I'll be flying in to NYC for the show too; see you there if you go.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Too Art for TV Too (UPDATE)

With the 24th of November as my deadline I have finished more than half of the boxes. I did not finish the last two on the bottom left because I ran out of materials! A cropped version down below to demonstrate what I am going for with this project.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

To Art for TV Too

So my very talented sister is having a gallery opening featuring artists in the animation industry. The name of the show is To Art for TV Too. You can read an article about it on Cartoon Brew. I thought that the show would be a perfect opportunity to explore my Woman in Boxes exercise but in a much larger scale. I'm so happy with how it's turning out, I wanted to share my work in progress.
4'x4' masonite with a grid of 225 boxes at 3"x3" each
I've always wanted to try this, and the Show is a good excuse to try it out. Basically I had a masonite board cute to a square of 4'x4'.
A detail of what a roughed box looks like before I color
Each box is the same size as a standard postit 3"x3". I set in a boarder for the board at 1.5" leaving me with 15 boxes across, and 15 boxes down which add up to 225 boxes total!
I was introduced to carandache crayons during college '93 bfa film/video
My medium is Carandache Neocolor II crayons and I use a very small palette. A light orange, a redder orange, navy blue, marron, peach (for my hot highlights) and black (for my outlines).Each pose could be repeated but will never be treated the same.
Unlike my digital work, the I don't intend for each finished box to be perfectly rendered. I want the observer to see the marks I laydown on the board.
Exteme closeup of one completed box
So as long as I can finish at least 4 boxes a day, I'll have the work done in time a week before the show Dec 5th.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pepper Jade

I had a hankering to draw a cute bondage type gal wearing latex long gloves and thigh high boots. The result was this little spit fire of a girl.Pepper Jade (c) Edward Artinian 2008
Pepper Jade (c) Edward Artinian 2008

Sexy Warrior Cat Girl

Celine Bleu is a warrior cat girl I came up with a few years ago. She's one of those designs I have that tend to evolve over time as my style and skill level change.
Celine Bleu (c) Edward Artinian 2008
After I did this image above, I was inspired to draw a more erotic/cheesecake image of her. I haven't drawn her nude very much in the past and I felt as though I should I like the results.
Celine Bleu (c) Edward Artinian 2008
I always appreciate any comments.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

San Diego Comic Con08 Part 3 (video clips)

Here's a sample of various clips I captured while at the Con. I think it gives off a little more of the atmosphere than you might see from a still photo.

For the rest of the videos, head over to my youtube channel.

San Diego Comic Con08 Part 2 (Toys)

Macross (better known as Robotech in the U.S. market) has been one of the biggest influences on my work when it comes to scifi robot creation. I alway make a point to stop by this booth so that I can snap the latest photos of what ever Macross toys and figures are available.

I just love the detail that is put into some of these display figures. I gravitate towards the sexy babes and the robots.

End of Part 2

San Diego Comic Con08 Part 1 (Cosplay)

Here is a huge collection of photos that were snapped with my digital camera at the SDC08. I was really impressed with the amount of cosplayers I saw this year! A real good mix of popular and original designs. It's really impressive with the amount of time and detail these people put into their craft.

A humble reward for buying these two lovely ladies milk and cookies.

The Cake is a Lie

Molotov Cocktease and Venture Brothers Creator Jackson Publick

Enjoy the Collection:

End Part One