Thursday, August 30, 2007

Second Post

I wont be this systematic with the titles and descriptions. I'm just testing out to see if I can figure out my way around a blog before I start going full bore.

This is my alien Character Xixa. She lives on the planet Xylem and her best friend is a pink tentacle monster named, well, Pink Tentacle Monster. I created her by accident back in '05 and

she seemed to have grown in popularity, on Deviant Art ever since.

Here are a few rough sketches of her from around that time:

That is all for now. More soon!


Mr Lookback said...

Oh, snap! It has begun!!! (Cue electronic fight music)

Annie-Mae said...

Ahh, pencil work, there doesn't seem enough from you of it. I miss your male models XD HF doesn't keep me updated and I don't like my e-mail getting bombarded with messages of new stuff that gets submitted to it.

Federico said...

Very Nice, and sexy!